Tyre Services

Looking for a particular brand in new tyres?

Whether you require cheap and cheerful budget tyres or high performance tyres from the world’s leading brands, we are at your service. Please call us for a quote on a tyre of your preference; we will not be beaten on price! Price match available on any genuine quotes

Our Tyres Services

  • Free Tyre Inspections
  • Supply and fit Brand New Tyres
  • Supply and fit Quality Part Worn Tyres
  • Puncture repairs
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Valve replacements

Tyres Losing Air?

Sometimes tyres can lose air over certain periods of time and as much as you have tried to look for a puncture you cannot find any leaks, don’t worry, you are not the first to experience this issue as many times it can be a case of bead seal deterioration or valve leak. The sealant inside your tyre or the valve itself can deteriorate over time causing you the hassle of always pumping up the tyres. Sound familiar? Why not come see us and have the issue resolved. Here’s what we do to prevent such deflation;

  • We will remove the tyre from your wheel and clean the inner beading of your tyre using a special solvent
  • We will remove any corrosion, bubble spots or debris from the inside of the steel rim/alloy wheel
  • We will remove and replace your air valve
  • We will apply a layer of bead sealer to the rim before putting the tyre back on

We can do all the above from just £8 per wheel.

 Check your Tyre Pressure Frequently

At Sandy Lane Tyres, we will carry out a free tyre check and our mechanics will provide you with answers to any questions you may have.

At Sandy Lane Tyres, we always advise drivers to check their tyre pressure monthly, if not more frequently. The correct air pressure for tyres that come with new vehicles can be found either in the owner’s manual or inside the driver side door. However, please be mindful that replacement tyres may carry a different PSI rating than the originals that come with the car. Most new replacement tyres display their PSI rating on their sidewalls.

Fully Inflated Tyres are Safer

Besides saving fuel and money and minimising emissions, properly inflated tyres are safer and less likely to fail at high speeds. Under inflated tyres make for longer stopping distances and will skid longer on wet surfaces. Properly inflated tyres also wear more evenly and will last longer accordingly.